TCAF 2013 wrap-up: 96% good


As usual I’m the very last out of the gate with my TCAF wrap-up (although I was early with my newsier report). But like many I feel compelled to write a memoir about it because it was so generally awesome. Last year’s TCAF — my first—was among the top five comics-related experiences of my life, and maybe partly because I hyped it so much, more people I knew made the first time trek this year. TCAF ’13 wasn’t quite as glorious as TCAF ’12, but it was still fairly glorious.

TCAF: Listen to Bill Amend, Raina Telgemeier, Michael Kupperman, The Doug Wright Awards and more

Hernandez Bros and Tom Spurgeon TCAF 05-10-2013

On the spot Jamie Coville and his roaming recorder were everywhere at TCAf and the result is nine panels from the Library Day and TCAF proper, including the Doug Wright Awards. Jamie also took a couple hundred photos for those of you waiting to see what went down. He made a special set for the […]

Great Moments of TCAF 2013


If you want to see all the great moments of this year’s Toronto Comic Arts Festival, I recommend scrolling back through Deb Aoki’s twitter feed. My roommate for the fest seemed to know where all the action was. She captured in a retweet from Japan this epic moment when Taiyo Matsumoto and Gengoroh Tagame exchanged […]