Dave Sim’s follow-up to CEREBUS

It’s called Glamourpuss. It comes with posters and instructions (like “right click to save”) because readers may be internet unsavvy.

TCJ readers sum up the bafflement. The below poster is part of the comic, not an editorial comment:




  1. I’ll say this for him… He knows how to get people talking.

  2. I look at this and my first thought is…Dave is coming back with “The Devil IS Prada.”
    I for one look forward to reading this.

  3. Comic2read says:

    Reminds me of Amanda from Ugly Betty.

    It looks funny and I will give it a try.

  4. Wow, is that the most bizarre lookin’ thing or what? Well, at least he’s got my curiosity going.

  5. Marcus Lusk says:

    Well for starters it looks like nothing else out there, which is a VERY good thing, in my opinion. Dave’s certainly got my business.

  6. Marcus Lusk says:

    The artwork in the flash intro (particularly the screen with two panels) is really something. Gorgeous stuff.
    And check out the publicity pics of Dave next to the wall of artwork. The guy sure looks in good shape for a man pushing 50!
    Of course that’s often what happens when you give up smoking and drinking for the better part of the last decade. :)

  7. well, it looks interesting. but looking at what we’ve got here–baudelaire’s phrase ‘the wings of madness’ comes to mind.

  8. The Beat says:

    Marcus, don’t forget, Sim has also given up sex and masturbation. Insert your own “precious bodily fluids”/General Jack D. Ripper joke here.

  9. Marcus Lusk says:

    Kinda hard to forget something like that.
    Actual adherence to religious doctrine is just cra-za-zy, ain’t it?

    I think it was the smoking, mostly. ;)

  10. Torsten Adair says:

    Can’t wait. mad genius is always interesting.
    And I hope someday to read a biography which delves into his life and art, and how one influences the other.

  11. Meh. I don’t care how brilliant Sim is or was, I don’t want that guy getting my money.

  12. I’ll say this for Dave Sim: he sure is out of his freaking mind.

  13. This. Is. Going. To. Be. Marvelous.

  14. Hounds Rye says:

    Looks like the fashion version of “Get Your War On”

    “Get Your (Women’s) Ware On” more like it.

    Kinda ugly so far…

  15. You can’t go wrong with Dave. When he’s horribly offensive or insane, it’s even funnier. Long live Sim!

  16. I posted this last night
    as one last dash to commemorate the final moments of the 30th Anniversary of Cerebus, with the unveiling (drumroll, please) of a premiere-exclusive-sneak peak of the progress on the 3D animated adptation of the very first legendary issue! The much loved comic that spawned an entire industry of alternative indy comic books. It’ll be cool to see if glamourpuss sends the same ripples throughout the industry.


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