Comics on The View?

Artist Vinnie Tartamella wrote us a line yesterday to say that the Bluewater comics biography of Barbara Walters, for which he painted the covers, was slated to be discussed on The View, this week. He thought it would be either yesterday or tomorrow. According to people close to Walters, she’s seen the comic and loves it and might even write an intro for the collected edition.

Getting a comic mentioned on The View or Oprah has often been seen as the crowning glory of comics mainstreaming — reaching the audience of middle-aged women who like to sit around and be busybodies is the final quadrant for the graphic medium to hurdle — it would all be gravy after that. Speculation over what GN might be suitable for Oprah’s book club — and the millions of sales that follow — is a popular topic among comics types, with something like PERSEPOLIS or LOVE & ROCKETS popular choices. So the Female Force comic making the grade (I believe comics have been mentioned previously on The View, but what hasn’t?) is…ironic, let’s just say.



  1. So the Whoopie Goldberg Female Force comic book should be just around the corner?


    ‘Persepolis’ is One Book, One Philadelphia winner

    Also, Oprah made no mention of her Bluewater bio.

  3. cool, I did the lettering on that book!

  4. Coming soon from Marvel: Yenta Force!



  5. It will air on Monday now. The bumped us for talking about ADAM LAMBERT. You can see Whoopi holding the comics.

  6. I interviewed author Robert Schnakenberg. We talked about “Female Force: Barbara Walters comic book.


  1. […] Bluewater Productions, fresh off a mention on ABC’s The View for its Female Force: Barbara Walters comic, has announced another comic that virtually guarantees more daytime-television exposure: a biography of popular comedian/talk-show host Ellen DeGeneres. […]

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