“A Mysterious Galaxy Ten Miles Away…”

Yay, back on the Wi-Fi grid. Saddened to report that the Omni lobby no longer has free Wi-Fi , making the former blogger’s paradise a wasteland, albeit one with much better food.

After a decade of vowing never to return on a Tuesday, we now find it the most pleasant and relaxing method of travel yet. No staying up all night for a morning flight and arriving bleary-eyed and already behind the eightball. Instead we enjoyed an empty airport (both ways), a peaceful arrival, a pleasant dinner, and then an awesome kickoff cocktail party at Ben Templesmith’s. Meanwhile, the streets are rapidly filling with badges, Star Trek-themed T-shirts, and shortboxes.

No real news that we’ve heard yet. The biggest buzz was about the Image announcement yesterday, but speculation over its effects remains muted.


  1. Andrew Davis says

    Was pleased to notice your introduction to the new Usagi book today. Hope all goes well over in SD!

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