Happy Los- er, Groundhog Day

Finally, that day we’ve been waiting for all year. The season premiere of Lost. I mean, Groundhog Day. Click to see the rest of that rodent-filled cartoon by the great creator of Cul de Sac, Richard Thompson. As for Lost, yes, the recap/discussion thread will return tomorrow for this last season of nerdville’s favorite television […]

AVATAR, UP, DISTRICT 9 lead Oscar’s nerd herd

AVATAR, to no one’s surprise, snagged nine Oscar nominations this morning, tied with THE HURT LOCKER for most. The two films are the leading contenders and sets up an exciting “Battle of the Exes” between directors James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow, who were once married. Pixar’s UP became only the second animated feature ever to […]

What is AVATAR ripping off NOW?

After reading all the things that AVATAR is supposed to have ripped off, you’re sure to wonder if there is a SHRED of originality in the movie — that is, aside from the brand new way of shooting movies that took years to develop. While the usual suspects — POCAHONTAS, DANCES WITH WOLVES, FERNGULLY — […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits — 2/2/10

§ Matthias Wivvel has his wrapup of Angoulême 2010 including an appreciation of Baru: In this context, it seems auspicious that the Grand Prix winner (for his life’s work) is Baru (aka. Hervé Baruléa, b. 1947), in that he is one of the great proponents of a working class and immigrant perspective in Francophone comics. […]