News rumbles: Keenspot, Blackest Night, Haven

While we’re gearing up for a few end of year posts here, pointers to news items that are making a few ripples in the quietest week of the year. Of course as soon as we say that, Universal will buy Dark Horse. § Pioneering webcomics portal Keenspot is radically changing its business model; Gary Tyrrell […]

Happy 87th birthday, Stan Lee

The Man Abides. He also twitters, and if you are following Smilinstanlee, you can only marvel (yes) at how a man approaching his 10th decade can be such a master of the social networking. Although Stan will forever be a controversial figure, his longevity and adaptability — at an age when most people are marking […]


As posted by Forbidden Planet International, oldies by goodies, Ryan Dunlavey’s Superhero/Seuss mash-ups. More good stuff here.