More on the Frazetta heist

The Pocono Record story has been updated on the Frank Frazetta artwork theft we reported earlier today, giving some background and the names of the accomplices, a video of Frank Jr’s wife explaining her side of things, and a copy of the police report. The driver of the backhoe is identified as Frank Bush, against […]

Cerebus/Spawn crossover returns to print

Back in the day when Spawn was considered the vanguard of the self-publishing movement, Alan Moore, Neil Gaiman, Frank Miller and Dave Sim all teamed up with Todd McFarlane to create four successive issues of SPAWN. It was a way to show solidarity — and for the writers to make some pretty good money, given […]

Quick links

§ ICv2 sits down with Marvel’s Main Man Dan Buckley for a rare chat: Part one: And you see the subscriptions and the download sales coexisting as two different digital models? Yes. And for the time being yes. The consumer will decide. One delivers an experience to browse, it’s streaming. It will allow you to […]