Collins! What is best in comics?

If you thought yesterday’s A.V. Club Best Comics of the Aughts list was going to tiptoe by unnoticed and uncommented on, you were wide of the mark by a fair bit. Sean T. Collins delivers a total smackdown, from the lack of manga to the last of KRAMERS ERGOT to the lack of an ordered […]

More CON-troversy in Boston!

When we ran the press release announcing the new New England Comic-Con last week, we were puzzled by one aspect of the acquisition by con impresario Gareb Shamus: namely that the show acquired had been running for 35 years. As revealed in the comments section and now a post by A. David Lewis, that’s because […]

The comics-loving Wall Street Journal on manhwa, Paley, more

Is the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal just trying to make us fret over the day when we can no longer Google their articles? The finance paper has had a recent rash of comics/animation related stories. Perhaps the most stark is this account of the dwindling fortunes of Japanese animators: Morale is low. Industry executives estimate […]

RIP: Sonny Trinidad

Gerry Alanguilen writes that illustrator Sonny Trinidad has passed away in the Philippines. Known in the US for his work on Conan, Dracula, Morbius and DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU, Trinidad was also known as Celso Trinidad. won the Best Serial Illustrator award during the 1984 KOMOPEB Parangal sa Komiks. His work VIRGA also won […]

Headin’ for a holiday: Muppet Rhapsody

Let’s ease into the turkey glut with this delightful cultural mashup.

Joseph Koch & Neat Stuff Collectibles Brooklyn Warehouse event

VIa PR, longtime comics vendor Joseph Koch announces a big comics swap meet out in Sunset Park. Given the number of folks we hear complaining (ourselves included) about how to, er, dispose of comics books that they literally cannot give away, this could be a lively event: Where: 206-208 41st St., Brooklyn, NY 11232 (Corner […]

The Onion A.V. Club’s Best Comics of the Decade

The A.V. Club’s Onion’s month-long series of looks back gets to comics with 25 Best Comics and 5 Best Archival editions. As the first official, thought out “Best of” for the Aughts of Comics, it’s a solid list, if genre heavy…NO SCOTT PILGRIM? Really???? The book that summed up the decade’s mishmash of media and […]

Comics on The View?

Artist Vinnie Tartamella wrote us a line yesterday to say that the Bluewater comics biography of Barbara Walters, for which he painted the covers, was slated to be discussed on The View, this week. He thought it would be either yesterday or tomorrow. According to people close to Walters, she’s seen the comic and loves […]

Spotlight on: George Gene Gustines

MUST READ ALERT! Marc-Oliver Frisch talks to probably the most powerful person in comics whom we have never seen interviewed before: the New York Times’ George Gene Gustines. As the main comics reporter/reviewer at The Paper of Record, Gustines has an incredible influence over what the rest of the mainstream media thinks about comics — […]

Sometimes we forget just how awesome Farel Dalrymple is…

…and we should not do that. The artist of POPGUN WAR and OMEGA THE UNKNOWN is interviewed by Nick Gazin for Vice. According to the piece, he’s working on a new book called THE WRENCHIES: The Wrenchies is a post-apocalyptic, science fiction, fantasy, super-hero, secret agent coming-of-age epic with some existential bullshit thrown in. The […]

Take this comic book survey

If there is one thing the comics industry of late is lacking, it’s demographic info we can all sink our teeth into and shake around like a chew toy. Valerie D’Orazio hinted about a study a few years ago (maybe buried somewhere in Marvel’s SEC filings?); Johanna alludes to a 1995 DC reader survey; Diamond […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits, 11/24/09

§ The great Seth will make anyone whose work was ever improved by an editor feel like a piece of sh•t: For example, I don’t know how anyone can stand to work with an editor. I don’t really know how fiction writers have become used to that idea. I can understand working with a proofreader: […]

Producers honor Joss Whedon

He may still be on his Dollhouse cancellation-induced drinking binge, but Joss Whedon will need to clean up and dry out to get the Vanguard Award from the Producers Guild at their annual awards in January. The award recognizes big thinks in new media and technology, such as previous winners George Lucas, James Cameron and […]

Thought for the Day: Scott McCloud

Have we been quoting him too much? Anyway, whatever, a video of a sand painting prompts McCloud to ponder the decade about to pass: We’re getting close to the end of a decade and a lot of people have been trying to sum up the experience. Short of putting “B.O.B.” on endless repeat, I think […]

Children’s comics: A not-so-phantom menace

As someone who spent the entire decade of the ’90s trying to convince comics industry players that kids liked to read comics — while editing comics featuring the world’s most popular characters, no less — I can only nod and smile tightly at Chris Butcher’s latest blog post. Butcher has mostly been on blogging hiatus […]

Were the ’90s really a golden age of cartoons?

Cartoon Brew, the essential Cartoon blog by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi, has a fascinating post on TV animation in the ’00s that mirrors many of our own ongoing discussions over comics: How many shows debuted in the past decade that were entertaining, made a lasting impact on their audience, and have a shot at […]