Last year’s ABANDONED CARS by Tim Lane, was a solid debut that didn’t get a lot of attention, which is a shame because Lane’s gritty, hardboiled stories were a nice counterpoint to comics’ occasional excess of shoe-gazing. Anyway, a paperback edition is coming out next year, and it will have two variant covers, recalling the […]

Batdog beyond

Worth 1000 is having one of their Photoshop contests. This one involves animals as superheroes, and if you thought we would link to a picture of a monkey, you thought wrong.

How to make a cover

Tomer Hanuka explains his approach to the cover for The Kiss Murder: Illustration is like acting. you need to invest a strand of authentic emotion to make it work. otherwise it feels artificial. So you try to embody, in your head, the protagonist. Let’s see: you’re a slender man of Turkish descent who’s a computer […]

Happy Thanksgiving to all

We have much to be thankful for this year, and hope that everyone reading this is enjoying a safe, happy holiday. One of the things we have to be grateful for is that Norman Rockwell’s “Freedom From Want” — of a series of four paintings saluting the Four Basic Freedoms– has to be one of […]

Two thoughts for the day

“In the Core Marvel Universe, a “gritty crime story” is one where a blind lawyer ninja dressed as the Devil fights a massive Sumo wrestler with a cane that shoots lasers…” —Chris Sims on what is and isn’t acceptable to the “Core” universe of Marvel. “Why is the living embodiment of love something called the […]

Collins! What is best in comics?

If you thought yesterday’s A.V. Club Best Comics of the Aughts list was going to tiptoe by unnoticed and uncommented on, you were wide of the mark by a fair bit. Sean T. Collins delivers a total smackdown, from the lack of manga to the last of KRAMERS ERGOT to the lack of an ordered […]

More CON-troversy in Boston!

When we ran the press release announcing the new New England Comic-Con last week, we were puzzled by one aspect of the acquisition by con impresario Gareb Shamus: namely that the show acquired had been running for 35 years. As revealed in the comments section and now a post by A. David Lewis, that’s because […]

RIP: Sonny Trinidad

Gerry Alanguilen writes that illustrator Sonny Trinidad has passed away in the Philippines. Known in the US for his work on Conan, Dracula, Morbius and DEADLY HANDS OF KUNG FU, Trinidad was also known as Celso Trinidad. won the Best Serial Illustrator award during the 1984 KOMOPEB Parangal sa Komiks. His work VIRGA also won […]