Last year’s ABANDONED CARS by Tim Lane, was a solid debut that didn’t get a lot of attention, which is a shame because Lane’s gritty, hardboiled stories were a nice counterpoint to comics’ occasional excess of shoe-gazing. Anyway, a paperback edition is coming out next year, and it will have two variant covers, recalling the […]

Batdog beyond

Worth 1000 is having one of their Photoshop contests. This one involves animals as superheroes, and if you thought we would link to a picture of a monkey, you thought wrong.

How to make a cover

Tomer Hanuka explains his approach to the cover for The Kiss Murder: Illustration is like acting. you need to invest a strand of authentic emotion to make it work. otherwise it feels artificial. So you try to embody, in your head, the protagonist. Let’s see: you’re a slender man of Turkish descent who’s a computer […]