To do tonight: Crumb at UCLA

Robert Crumb continues his short tour of the states to talk about his adaptation of GENESIS with an appearance at UCLA tonight, where he’ll be joined by Françoise Mouly. Tickets are $60, unless you’re a UCLA student, in which case they’re a bargain at $18. UCLA’s great Hammer Museum also just opened an exhibition called […]

Salman rushing to comics?

ICv2 has a full report on an appearance by internationally acclaimed author Salman Rushdie (shown above with his ex, Padma Lakshmi) proclaiming his interest in writing a graphic novel on the Craig Ferguson Show. Rushdie answered, “Yeah, and actually I got asked recently if I’d like to write a graphic novel. I was kind of […]

21 Days of Halloween: Richard Thompson

Today’s artwork is by the amazing Richard Thompson, author of the wonderful strip Cul de Sac. Click for a larger version. We’ll be having a Halloween blowout over the next few days as we catch up with all the wonderful submissions to stay in the spirit of the season. Enjoy, and thanks for reading!