A Wendell Willkie carven from the living lard

Our usually on-the-ball Junior Woodchuck Torsten Adair may have missed the ball by not linking to this fantastic gallery of butter/lard sculptures from the Iowa State Fair. The majestic heritage of the butter carving contest is brought forth by this 1940 depiction of Republican presidential aspirant Wendell Willkie, sculpted by Charles Umlauf. The gallery also […]

July’s top comics sales released

Comics sales bounced back behind a five-week month, behind dark/black nights, reigns and, possibly, coffee, ICv2 reports: Shades of black predominated in the top comic titles in July 2009, as three story arcs with noirish titles accounted for 14 of the top 25 comics, according to the rankings release today by Diamond Comic Distributors. DC’s […]

Josh Neufeld and A.D. hit the road

An extensive tour for Josh Neufeld’s A.D.: After the Deluge has been announced, and it kicks off this Wednesday in Austin, TX, with a continent-spanning trek to ensue. The complete itinerary is below: Wednesday, August 19: I commemorate A.D.’s hardcover release with a presentation and signing in Austin, Texas, @ BookPeople. 603 N. Lamar, Austin, 7pm. Thursday, […]

MIDNIGHT, MASS TV show back on

After years of development, the Midnight, MASS TV show — based on the Vertigo comic from long ago– is back on again, set to broadcast on NBC, albeit minus the “Mass” part of the name. Gretchen Berg and Aaron Harberts are on board to write the project for Warner Bros. TV and studio-based Jinks/Cohen Co. […]

I predict this will be Dirk Deppey’s call-out quote of the day

Unless observation has changed the particle’s trajectory. Jeet Heer: What all these lists demonstrate, I think, is the narrow artistic range of the mainstream. The gene-pool here is shallow and hasn’t been replenished by outside influences for a long time. To find a more inbred group, you’d have to go back to ancient Egypt when […]