John Nee resigns from DC

Some excitement here at HeroesCon, as Dan DiDio couldn’t even go jogging without people wondering if he was losing his job. A cryptic Bad Signal from Warren Ellis referring to comics news fanned the flames: If what I just heard is true, then it’s going to be a really interesting day in the comics news […]

Can the Harveys be saved?

David Welsh wonders if this year’s very very odd Harvey nominations may have been the last straw: There is the remote possibility that what one might consider counter-intuitive nominees (some listed here by Dirk Deppey) wound up there as the result of an entirely democratic groundswell of support, heretofore unexpected by the casual observer. I’m […]

DC Vs Marvel continued

Dick Kyacinth returns and looks at this week’s sales numbers: I certainly have had my reservations about Final Crisis, but I found the first issue to be pretty good, mostly due to the pervasive, foreboding atmosphere that Grant Morrison and JG Jones established. Of course, my reaction to the comic has very little to do […]

Hotel chatter

Only time for a quick update before our first panel. There a lot going on in the comics industry and it seems that Heroes Con is where everyone has come to hash it all out. You wouldn’t believe what we heard last night. As the eyes, ears and nose of the comics industry however, we’re […]