BEA preview

Lance Fensterman is a very busy guy. He’s the showrunner for not just New York Comic-Con, but also the new York Anime Fest AND the BEA (Book Expo America), the annual schmoozefest for everything book related. This year’s BEA is being held next week in LA, where they buy more books per year than in […]

Fighting back!

The long national nightmare is almost over in our household! Almost. We’ve been so busy we forgot entirely about Fleet Week.

Hero Initiative and Marvel team up for Gene Colan

Some really nice news for a change: Artist Gene Colan has been one of comics’ favorites for a staggering seven decades. Now, as Gene is suffering illness, some of the characters Gene worked on are coming to save the day. The Hero Initiative in conjunction with Marvel Comics is launching a series of Gene Colan-themed […]


The Year of the Symposium continues with a one-day FREE seminar put together by the New York Institute for the Humanities featuring Lynda Barry, Art Spiegelman, Gary Panter, David Hajdu and Hope Larson among others. Jeez, twist our arm some more, will ya? It takes place in NYC the day before MoCCA, so everyone get […]

Kiel Phegley exits Wizard

News quickly rocketed around last evening that Kiel Phegley has been dismissed from his position at Wizard Magazine. Phegley has been co-writing the Indie Jones column for and spearheaded much of their convention coverage, and was a familiar face on the circuit so it comes as a bit of a surprise. However, with massive […]

Indy IV review

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull should just be called Indiana Matlock. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It was a lot of fun and very enjoyable. We liked the fake, Frazetta-esque backgrounds during the “Jungle Chase” sequence. We also liked Harrison Ford just fine, and loved Cate Blanchett’s villain. We […]

Charles Burns’ PERMAGEL

Charles Burns has a new art book coming out from French publisher “United Dead Artists”entitled PERMAGEL. It will be 32 pages in a huge 30×40 cm format, printed in double black impression on Rives paper. Stephane Blanquet is the editor. More information and images.

John R. Neil’s OZ

Golden Age Comic Book Stories reprints some of the mind-bending work of John R. Neil illustrating the sixth book of the Oz series, Emerald City of OZ. Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13 and Chapter 14. If […]

The “Spread Leg” motif

PRINT Magazine dissects a classic lurid cover theme. We esp. like this yaoi version! Via Boing Boing.

Met DC Statue update

In our report on the Met Fashion Institute’s superhero fashion show, we erroneously wrote that the 12-foot high statues of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman would be on display for a while. Alas, they were only there for the one day, so we count ourselves very fortunate to have seen them at all. However this […]

More on Rory Root

§ Comic Relief, which will continue under long-time manager Todd Martinez, has a “Memories” page up to remember founder Rory Root. § Tom has a fantastic obituary up with many more memorials from comics luminaries whose lives Rory touched. One of Root’s most important endeavors was to cultivate relationships with and facilitate sales to libraries […]

One or two little links

§ Douglas Wolk, bless him, is using the brains the good lord gave him for a new Final Crisis Annotations blog. It’s in-depth. Title: It’s worth unpacking this a little. DC is, of course, the publisher of this comic and the corporate owner of its intellectual property; DC stands for DETECTIVE COMICS, one of the […]

Bizarro Sports Illustrated

A Mark Bagley illo of Bizarro graces the cover of this weeks Sports Illustrated for a story about “Bizarro Baseball”. CBR interviews Bagley while DC sends out an official press release in the jump. Bagley, who called the sports weekly, “the Newsweek of sports magazines,” said he is well aware of the “Sports Illustrated” jinx […]

Gas explosion dims hopes of getting a hotel room for San Diego in 2009

Fourteen workers were injured Monday when a gas explosion ripped through the Hilton San Diego Bay Front hotel which is under construction behind the San Diego Convention Center. A mechanical failure or gas likely triggered an explosion that rocked a waterfront hotel under construction, damaging four floors and injuring 14 workers, five critically, a fire […]

ASP restructures; Liao leaves

Archaia Studios Press had a big hit with Mouse Guard, and critical acclaim with The Lone and Level Sands and founder Mark Smylie’s Artesia, and recently announced a ton of new titles. But like many small presses, they’ve also had some problems getting books out on a timely basis, and now they’ve announced a restructuring […]

Where is everyone?

Where’s the blogosphere? What happened to everyone? Is it just the warm weather? We know *we* have problems, but what’s everyone else story. Maybe it’s time for a poll: What are the best message boards about comics? We used to hang out on Delphi, The V, and The Engine but now we hardly ever stop […]