A tale of two rivers

We spent Saturday sitting on a sunny river bank watching loons dive and skim over the surface of the Delaware River. Meanwhile tens of thousands of comic fans were sitting on a sunny glass-enlosed river bank watching loons of another sort duck and dive. (Photo via ComicMix.) We weren’t there, but apparently yesterday at the […]

Newsy bits

§ Venture Brothers Season Three Preview soon to be removed by the PTB, for sure. § New SPIRIT trailer! § Marvel announced Monkey thing. § Brian Heater interviews Douglas Rushkoff and Scott McCloud and has a podcast of their panel § Wilson Tortosa will draw the Wolverine manga for Del Rey. § Tokyopop’s new line […]

We knew it

Well, with New York Comic-Con it’s always something. As far as we know, everyone got into the SHOW on Saturday, but gridlock erupted somewhere else. Friday night we wrote: Panels were all well attended — there was a HUGE line to get into the Neil Gaiman speech, while an equally huge crowd was filing out […]