Two guys talking about comics

Jeff Lester and Ian Brill rap about what it takes to read comics in the “No Fun” era: IB: Let me ask you, do you feel the effect of this climate of sensationalism affecting what you still read? My purchasing habits are similar to yours and I’m in constant fear that the books I dig […]

Achewood does Chris Ware

We larfed.

How to Draw like Brian Ralph

More at the First Second blog.

Tomine in the Times

Yesterday’s NY Times magazine cover by Adrian Tomine. Link via the D&Q blog.


THE BELIEVER mag, which routinely features covers by Charles Burns, now has an interview with him. I try to achieve something that’s almost like a visceral effect. The quality of the lines and the density of the black take on a character of their own—it’s something that has an effect on your subconscious. Those lines […]

Jim Rugg update

Jim Rugg has posted some hilarious faux movie posters and magazine covers at his website, including this entry for the Supertrash Film Festival. And also some news bytes: Also, been meaning to post about the Society of Illustrators Annual show. I had 2 pieces accepted this year!!! The faux Romance style Afrodisiac covers and the […]

Kibbles ‘n’ Bits 1/14/08

§ At CBR, George Khoury summarizes the history of comics in the direct sales era. Clip and save! “Nobody was happy about that, I guess,” Steve Geppi recalled about the Marvel/Heroes World era, “Especially the way it was communicated, or it wasn’t communicated. We found out kind of covertly. But that said, you could argue […]

2008 Golden Globes

Ratatouille won for Best Animated Film. No one cared. BTW, the WGA strike — which killed the Golden Globes — has entered a significant phase as the DGA — which represents the directors — enters into negotiations with the AMPTP. What does it mean? As always, Mark Evanier explains.

Lonely, bored octopus turns to Mr. Potato Head for companionship

An octopus in a Cornish aquarium has become very attached to his toy Mr. Potato Head. Louis, a 6-foot long Giant Pacific Octopus, loves playing with the plastic spud, and can even find treats such as crab meat that his keepers hide within Mr. Potato Head’s secret compartments.