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Dan Vado grills meats, too

Not only is Slave Labor publisher Dan Vado “the smartest guy in the room”, but he is also the king of the hill, which he reveals as he shows off his barbecue prowess in these photos. Is there anything he can’t do?

Garry Trudeau profiled

Perhaps the most in-depth profile ever of DOONESBURY’s Garry Trudeau appeared in this weekend’s Washington Post magazine, with an emphasis on how the story of B.D. losing a limb in Iraq has reenvigorated the strip and brought Trudeau closer to vets. IF YOU DON’T KNOW MUCH ABOUT GARRY TRUDEAU, AND YOU PROBABLY DON’T, it’s because […]

Comics on cells boffo in Japan

Newsweek looks at the popularity of comics delivered via cell phone: Consumer demand for manga (the Japanese word for print comics) has surged in recent months, thanks to high-speed 3G phones, the proliferation of fixed-rate plans, and high-quality LCD displays. The growth in manga shows how hard is it to predict what effect new technologies […]

Reynolds reveals more shocking truths

THE ENGINE thread on the new Fantagraphics stroefront i Seattle craw more shocking revelations from Eric Reynolds, in response to questions from retailer Brian Hibbs: “If you’re talking initial orders here, how does that work out after returns are factored in?” That’s a good question that I haven’t done the math on recently. I did […]

STAPLE! dates announced

STAPLE! The Independent Media Expo, an indie comics fest in Austin, TX has announced its 2007 dates: The date is set for STAPLE! 2007: March 3rd, 2007 in Austin, TX. Exhibitor registration is open! We are also happy to announce that Dean Haspiel will be a special guest at the show. Go to link for […]

Links so good

§ Johanna has more commentary on ICv2’s Most Powerful People in manga list, including spots 11-20: # Robin Brenner, Young Adwult Library Services Association# Jim Chadwick, Editor in Chief, CMX# Liza Coppola, Senior VP of Marketing, Viz Media# Jason DeAngelis, Founder, Seven Seas Entertainment# Rika Inouye, Senior Director of Licensing, Viz Media# John Ledford, CEO, […]

New 300 production stills

Clickee for more. BTW, we saw the 300 trailer in a real theatre for the first time this weekend and it looked pretty amazing, but the whole “yelling and screaming every line” thing was more noticeable in the theatre. One hopes there will be moments of contrast. Oh, who really cares…it’s not like we’re not […]