Where’s Farel?

Farel Dalrymple posts all kinds of stuff at his LJ. Keep on truckin’, Kurt Wagner! Click for larger image or go to the link for all kinds of goodness.

Todd McFarlane, video director

Speaking of Todd McFarlane, in addition to his other feats, he’s also a Grammy-winning video director, and he has a new animated video out for Disturbed’s cover of Genesis’ “Land of Confusion”. Watch here. Windows: Small Medium Large QT: Small Medium Large

Inside Todd McFarlane’s pastel lair

Southwest fixture Todd McFarlane is the subject of another site visit, this one to his home, which will be featured on MTV Cribs in September: What is visible is a palette of soft colors, flowered curtains and Victorian furniture. The home is elegant, classy and nothing at all like the lairs from which his characters […]


Jeff Parker posts Tomm Coker’s cover to AGENTS OF ATLAS #4 which presents the return of a character you never thought you’d see…Namora!


We’re a little late running the news of this benefit anthology, but better late than never. 
 American-Israeli Publisher, Mahrwood Press Ltd. has announced a special project to benefit children suffering from the situation in northern Israel. BALM IN GILEAD will be a prestige anthology featuring the top names in comics and genre literature. All […]

And a Pants shall rise!

Don McPherson and Randy Lander, the Roeper and Ebert of comics critics, are ending The Fourth Rail, their long running review site, after five years. You can read their tearful farewell in the link. However, fear not, for both have plans to continue reviewing. Lander is joining up with David Farabee of AICN some other […]


We’re in transit and for the moment we’re just going to post all the pretty pictures we can dig up. Don’t like it? it’s my way or the highway around here, bub.