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While the April Zuda competition won’t be up until next week, the December winner, Pray for Death by Nick Doan and Daniele Serra is now updating, with a significant change to the art style.

March’s winner was Black Cherry Bombshells by Johnny Zito, Tony Trov, Sacha Borisich and Alex Bruno. Frankly, we’re a little sad that a strip about “Ultra-violent girl gangs fight for supremacy of a doomed future where all men have been mutated into flesh eating zombies” beat Wes Molebach’s Litterbox Chronicles, because nothing is funnier than a cat searching for a litterbox, but it’s a new era in webcomics.

  1. There has been some real nice work over at Zuda. I was dissapointed Litterbox didn’t win. I hope that and stunning “The Crooked Man,” which lost to the lackluster “Prey for Death” gets another chance. There’s some good entertainment going on over there at Zuda.

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