Word is going around that long time comics fan Paul “Zeus” Grant passed away last month. Grant was a popular and big-hearted poster on the early days of Compuserve’s Comics and Animation forum, and I’d run into him at conventions, usually with his son Phillip at his side, and we’d always share a laugh or an observation. He also wrote for the early days of Wizard magazine. John Ostrander has a lovely remembrance and more details at ComicMix, and Mark Evanier also remembers “Zeus.”.


  1. Thanks for the links, Heidi. I haven’t been on CompuServe in a decade or so, but Zeus is one of those names that stands out in my memories of my time there back in “the early days” of on-line comics fandom. It’s sad news, indeed.

  2. Zeus was such a huge presence on the beloved Compuserve comics forum…. thanks for the news, even though it’s sad.

  3. Sad news. Paul was a frequent customer at my stores and was a supporter of Caliber in the beginning days. Of course, he was one of the earliest online “personalities” and I do believe he got me started with that whole Internet thingee.

  4. I’m in shock reading this.

    LIke Trish and Augie said, if your Internet life with comics started on Compuserve, you were well aware of who Zeus was and how much fun the forums were.

    Ah the days of Wed night chats…….

    Condolences to his family.

  5. Damn…

    I’m certainly shocked to hear about this.

    Zeus’ presence on CiS was always a wonderful thing and he’ll be sorely missed.

    Wishing the best for his family and friends.