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Zack Snyder goes three-fer with SUPERMAN


So it’s Zack Snyder who’s been tapped to direct the next Superman movie. Evidently, the vacation Snyder took directing a movie about feisty little owls wearing helmets put him back in the mood for a comic book movie, following 300 and WATCHMEN.

I just spoke with Zack Snyder, who confirms that as soon as he completes post on Sucker Punch, he’ll move right into Warner Bros’ long awaited next Man of Steel movie in development with Chris Nolan and David Goyer. “I’ve been a big fan of the character for a long time, he’s definitely the king of all superheroes, he’s the one,” Snyder, who directed Watchmen and 300, told me. “It’s early yet, but I can tell you that what David and Chris have done with the story so far definitely has given me a great insight into a way to make him feel modern. I’ve always felt he was kind of awesome. I’ll finish Sucker Punch and get right at it.”

This is really all good for Warner Bros.; Snyder is geek-respectful and visually confident, and teaming with Nolan and Goyer is a trio of very accomplished creators who understand comics. His Superman will be heavy on the Super part and not so tangled up in the man business, and you know what, that’s what the franchise needs right now.

  1. Zack Snyder directing the new Superman movie? I’m intrigued. In a good way…… pretty sure zack snyder is just going to direct every super hero movie.

  2. I’m just thinking about that rumor I heard about sometime back, where after the success of The Dark Knight, the movie execs were like “so that’s what we need to do…all our superheroes need to be dark now!” So they get The Dark Knight director to produce, and the Watchmen/300 director to direct.

    I’m trying to remember now what the darkest was that Superman got during the grim-n-gritty era. I suppose it was Death Of Superman, right?

  3. I’m perfectly satisfied with this choice. Synder is a much better fit for directing Superman than others under consideration (Aronofsky?) and WATCHMEN is a very underrated film in my opinion.

  4. A very interesting choice. Could work. I would be interested to know if Routh will playing Superman. I’m hoping that Snyder, et. al., will be veering away from the Reeves/Superman movies and giving us something a little more interesting. It seems that this could be such a cool franchise if they were to play it right. My major concern would be Nolan’s involvement.

  5. It’ll be interesting to see what Snyder and his collaborators do with the icon. I haven’t spent a lot of time thinking about ways to write Superman, but a movie that focuses on his powers doesn’t lay the groundwork for a sequel. There needs to be a balance between the “man” and the “super.” Since he can do practically anything in terms of defeating a menace, unless his specific vulnerabilities get in the way — but focusing on the man to provide human interest and real problems risks disappointing the fans who want special effects.


  6. Can’t wait for the Hall H presentation for SUPERMAN:The Movie, the Reboot of the Reboot at next year’s SDCC—

    Question from an attendee dressed up as Supes: “Zack, how does it feel to be handed the directorial keys to the first and most iconic of all Superheroes and the cornertstone of the DC Universe? How will you distill and help redefine Superman for the audience who’ve now seen all those OTHER superheroes onscreen? How will you face up to the task of taking into account 78 years of continuity, 5 previous film versions and numerous cartoon and live action TV series?”

    Snyder: [nods head, flashes teeth] “Awesome.”

  7. As much as I love the first two Christopher Reeve movies, I hope Snyder does his own take on the Man of Steel, and not do an pseudo-remake of the original like Singer did for Superman Returns…that was awful.

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