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You need this: Gerard Way is selling a DC Young Animal Picture Disc with new music


Well, not quite new. Today, My Chemical Romance’s former lead singer and DC’s current Young Animal chief visionary Gerard Way updated his webstore with a new “DC’s Young Animal Picture Disc + Comic Book” listing.

Originally released on April 22nd for Record Store Day, this set includes a 12” vinyl with two songs inspired by Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye. These songs, recorded by Way and former MCR guitarist Ray Toro, were originally released during New York Comic Con 2016 on cassette (this writer has still been unable to acquire a cassette player). It also includes a special poster drawn by Doom Patrol artist Nick Derington and most pertinently, a special “Young Animal mixtape” comic that contains a new 3 page original story by Way, Mike Allred, Laura Allred, and Carlos Mangual.

The picture disc printing is limited to 5000 and is priced at $21.98.


  1. And they pretty much flew off the shelves on Record Store day. There are a number of them on Ebay as expected. (and is where my copy is coming from) Don’t expect to find any left in the stores.

    Unlike Free Comic Book Day which gives comics out for free, Record Store Day is entirely about limited quantity items to sell, pretty much exclusively on vinyl.

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