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You kids behave.


I’ve taken the liberty of closing comments on the most recent post on the Ellison/Fantagraphics suit. For the record, I am fond of both Unca Gary and Unca Harlan, and I think they are both asses where the other is concerned. Let the courts decide who’s right — only the lawyers are winning anyway. Posting about this case is a no-win situation, earning hurt emails from Gary and hurt phone calls from Harlan. Oy gevalt! It has also led otherwise reasonable people into bouts of juvenile message board name calling. I will continue posting news on the case in as impartial a way as I can, humanly speaking. If you want to take sides, there are message board to do that and funds you can contribute to.

In the meantime, I will say I wholly and completely support and encourage anyone who wants to purchase the works of Harlan Ellison or fine Fantagraphics products to do so. Have you seen the sweet new LOVE AND ROCKETS reprints? Or BUDDY DOES JERSEY? Or THE LIVING AND THE DEAD by Jason? What a wonderful time to be reading comics.

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