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Yogi Bear stars in new horror film about deviant sex


Or at least that’s what the poster says.

Click for the full size version so you can see the single sinister spot of moisture on Yogi’s nose—mucus? phlegm? or…something else???—and the light glinting off his vampire fangs. Brrrrrr.

“Good things come in bears.”

How much did the people who sat around coming up with this slogan get paid?

STOP! Before you answer, you must watch this sketch, “AD-MEN”, by our own Todd Alcott, and starring James Urbaniak.

Okay, NOW how much do you think these copywriters should be paid? Rubies? Or DIAMONDS????

Wait, there is also a horror trailer!

We’ll be sleeping with the lights on and a plate full of Quaaludes nearby after viewing that

Finally, just to cleanse the palate, here is another horror film starring Yogi Bear, this time directed by John K.

  1. I’m imagining they don’t quite grasp that sometimes words can have two meanings. And when you put the right combination of them together, it can have a very specific sexual meaning.

    I remember explaining to someone a few years back why it would not be a good idea to name a movie aimed at 15-year-old boys “The Coming of Galactus.”

  2. Well, what do you expect from a cartoon where the girlfriend is topless?

    Those eyes… they follow you around the room! And why are they looking at me like I’m a giant pic-a-nic basket?

    I can’t see the embedded videos at work, but I do recall a rather gruesome John K. story showing Ranger Smith returning home to his wife. Brr…

    It looks like they’re going with “Life’s a Pic-a-nic” (posters seen on IMDB), although the above image is available on the movie site.

    (And that logo… ugh.)

  3. Well, I don’t know how many kids get the LGBT connection, not many. Certainly my son wouldn’t….oh…sorry are the kids NOT the audience they’re going for? I beg your collective pardons for my ignorance :)

  4. I wondering–was Yogi the original cartoon the first responsible for inventing the insipid little sidekick stock character?

  5. Instead of great things come in pairs they put bears? and the white spot on yogis nose is light reflecting of the moisture……I didnt see anything sexual …the positioning? get real people are paranoid

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