DJ Caruso’s press tour for EAGLE EYE means everyone gets to ask him about his proposed Y: THE LAST MAN movie, and he just keeps talking., This time he tells Geoff Boucher yet again why Shia LeBeouf is perfect and how he will — gasp!! — CHANGE the much-beloved story:

“Yes, that’s true, you have the creator and you want to be very true to the material but the good news is when we presented it to him he thought it was great. I’ve never been involved in a project that has so much fanboy chatter. I get e-mailed a lot of opinion about what I’m doing. There’s been talk out there already of Shia being in the movie and there’s a lot of positive feedback but there’s also these naysayers. There’s a few people who say that I’m the right director and others say I’m not the right filmmaker. At least they’re all talking about it. With ‘Salton Sea,’ in one review I’d be a genius and then somebody else like [Los Angeles Times movie critic] Kenneth Turan would say I’m an idiot or whatever. But since then, you know, I don’t really read the reviews. Because it doesn’t matter and if you do read them you’ll just drive yourself crazy. I don’t mind things that are critical but when they’re cynical or angry, I don’t have time for that.”


  1. I forgot Caruso did Salton Sea. That was one of the movies I rated most highly during my brief stint as a movie critic.

  2. I love Y, but I really don’t think that Shia is the man for the part. I mean, seriously, he doesn’t have to be in every movie that has a 18-25 male lead.

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