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[email protected] news round-up — a few news tidbits, but seems everyone was kind of burnt out after Mega Con, NYCC and WonderCon three weeks in a row. This was the fourth convention in five weeks and that’s just the Spring season!
CBR photo parade photos (Celebrities)
K2 Ramblings
Cecil Castellucci
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  1. The K2 Ramblings link was a fun read, and also a frightening one…almost as many actual “comic” dealers at WW LA (which I attended on all three days) as there were at San Diego Comic Con…whoa! If close to true, that is sad. I guess Hollywood and “Pop Culture” that is not purely comics/tps/graphic novels, really has taken over San Diego. I also agree that the signs for the comic creator signings were not always clear (more than once I had to ask someone in line…and this is a signing for…).

    Folks may whine about the lack of people at WW cons, but to me that is not a bug, but a feature (or whatever the saying is), because the time for me to attempt San Diego was before an entire cities worth (and a decent sized one at that) of people became the regular-sized crowd at the SD con.

    Most of the tpbs at the show are half off for a reason, many of them were in a condition that would have me returning them to Amazon as damaged books in need of a replacement copy, or you ended up thumbing through 15 copies of volume 7 of Ultimate Spider-Man, bleagh (and I LIKE USM). I was not expecting “new” (from the past 3 months) tps to be half-off, but no discount at all…yikes, way not to get me to spend money at your booth (amazon’s discount generally amounts to 20-37% off cover price, but I would have went with the bird in the hand if I could have at least received a 20% discount on some of the newer TPBs).

    One last thing, VIP ticketholders like myself got treated very unkindly, as K2 noted, folks who paid cash were the first on the con floor, while we VIPers who were supposed to be the FIRST people on the floor were still waiting for our tickets to be processed!!!

    That is just completely wrong, since one of the selling points of a VIP ticket is that even if you stand in a line, it should move fast because you will be the first on the floor before “general” ticket holders. They had something like 4 people taking cash from people buying tickets on the spot, and 1 (yes 1) person handling the processing for ALL the VIP folks (and yes, the VIP line was long, and moved slower than syrup in winter).

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