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Some tickets were available for Sunday –aka Brain-dead Zombie Day — when last we checked! But hurry!


  1. Sunday is still listed on their website as available as of 9.55am New York time 7/16.

    Guess selling returned memberships via Ebay, which they did last year, didn’t work out for them so they’re going the direct route this time.

  2. just checked, 7/16 at 8:18PM and Sunday is still open.

    So….the game is still going on? O.o

    I might have a chance to win!! :)

  3. This may be big news to some, it sure surprised me… apparently, not only are tickets for SATURDAY available at the SDCC website (in addition to Sunday), but so are 4-DAY MEMBERSHIPS (without preview night)!

    I was “going through the motions” as far as I could without actually making a commitment to buy, and that’s how I found out 4-day passes could still be had. Once you get to “Step 3 – Conference Packages” in the online purchase process, 4-day passes in all their pricing levels (adult, junior, senior/military) have radio buttons in the “Select One” column, not the expected “THIS SELECTION IS SOLD OUT!” status.

    This information is current as of approximately 9.45am NYC time Monday, July 19.