As the most powerful political leaders on earth gathered at a G20 dinner on Wednesday, they still flocked like groupies around JK Rowling:

The President made a beeline for Miss Rowling, at the end of the Downing Street G20 dinner, and told her that he had read all her books himself and to his children Sasha and Malia.

Miss Rowling then received a second presidential seal of approval for the boy wizard from Russia’s President Medvedev and his wife Svetlana, who not only admitted to having read the Harry Potter books but also asked for her autograph.

However, even The Queen of all She Surveys, great and terrible, must yield to an even greater power: the Telegraph notes that Rowling wore “a pale pink shift dress.”


  1. Well, one, she’s a very pretty woman. Two, isn’t she one of the richest women in the world now? Three, her books are very popular and world leaders always love people with her kind of stardom and love taking pics with them, etc.

    I find it interesting to hear about the Russian President, b/c a while ago, didn’t her publishers have a major problem with people from that country ripping off her stuff? I wonder if anything was mentioned?