Well, it was a rough weekend. But we can take a little solace in enjoying the great Lorenzo Mattoti’s soccer comic. Alè Tran Tran, which came out in the early ’80s. (Via The Ephemerist.) More here.

Warren Ellis’s Twitter commentary has been the best:

* See mighty England greet the German squad. See mighty England shit themselves.
* If you look closely, you can see pee leaking out of the England players whenever a German approaches
* I can’t come up with anything funnier than those two goals by Germany
* Classic English hymn being sung to ref: YOU’RE GOING HOME IN THE BACK OF AN AMBULANCE
* Is James Milner working for the Germans?
* James Milner: cooler, three veeks.
* Here comes Emile Heskey, because apparently England are not losing badly enough
* There. England flags being ripped down from Brighton to Carlisle. Thank buggery for that.
* We are free. And now we’ll get some proper fucking football matches. Selah.
(several hours later)
* …where am football game? Hu-mans told Rooney there was football game. Rooney missed football game? Rooney am confused.

guardian.co.uk 2010-6-28 2-42.jpg

• Also, take the internet, throw in Lego and add World Cup recreations and you have the art form that may well lead us into the 22nd century. Here’s a still from the recreation of the 1966 England victory over West Germany.


  1. One thing that has surprised me is the sheer brutality fans have for their home teams when they don’t play well. Maybe I just don’t watch enough sports here at home for a fair comparison…