WonderCon’s programming is up! And we’re totally bummed we’re not going. Some highlights: Stan Sakai! Jill Thompson! Trina Robbins! Sergio Aragones! Matt Fraction! Ed Brubaker! Michael Chabon! You get the idea.


  1. I’ll be at the WILDCARD INK booth (GUMBY COMICS) promoting the first issue of the new series I’m writing, GUMBY’S GANG,” spotlighting POKEY.

    It’s a full-color all ages comic book with fantastic artwork by Rafael Navarro and Lance Borde.

    I’ll also have copies of my new humor comics, CARTOON FLOPHOUSE # 1 and SILLY GOOSE. So stop by and say “hi.”

  2. I’ll be at the IDW booth signing copies of Dreamland Chronicles, Ed’s Terrestrials, Pet Robots, Hyperactive, and My Grandparents are Secret Agents!

    Oh…and we’ll have toys too.

    So excited. My first time back at WonderCon in like 20 years!

  3. I’ll be signing up the new Gumby and Pokey series that I’m writing, GUMBY’S GANG STARRING POKEY # 1, with the book’s artist, my pal Rafael Navarro. We’ll be at the WildCard Ink booth (GumbyComics.com).

    It’s a 24 page full-color eye-popper spotlighting Gumby’s pony pal, Pokey.

    I’ll also have copies of my own personal nonsense, CARTOON FLOPHOUSE # 1 and the all-ages SILLY GOOSE.

    Stop on by and say “hi!” —— Michael

  4. Hey, Michael–

    The Exhibit A booth is right next to the Gumby booth, so we’ll be hanging with you all weekend! We will finally have all five of the Supernatural Law trades available, with special discount to help people’s wallets.

    See you there!