It was the biggest panel of the day at WonderCon, and the most crucial hour yet for the future of the revamped DC Entertainment brand. With appearances by stars Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, and the first view of effects-heavy footage, the GREEN LANTERN panel was the chance to show that this is indeed the tentpole movie that is going to usher in a new era for DC’s superhero universe.

Interest was certainly high, as a line to get into the 5 pm panel stretched almost around the Moscone Center.

The panel was led by Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns himself. The only previous GL trailer was heavy on the romance aspect, due to the CGI footage not being ready — and leading to some questions over whether this movie was going to please the loyal Green Lantern fanboys. However, this new footage seems to lay those doubts to rest with a spectacular look at Oa, the GL Corps, Sinestro, Tomar Re, and the rest of the Lanternverse. You can read about the panel here, or watch the footage below.

The footage shown at the con has been released in edited form (above) and is also viewable in high def.


Whaddaya think, peeps? Is this the GREEN LANTERN movie that you have been dreaming of?

We’ll say one thing, that CGI uniform reveals that Ryan Reynolds has a great rearview.


  1. It’s probably worth remebering that Scott Pilgrim and Sucker Puch went down well at Cons too, which meant nothing in Real World terms.

  2. I like the Corps better than I like Hal Jordan so I was happy to see the Corps highlighted here. That said, my guess is that is pretty much all the Corps scenes and most of the movie will be Ryan Reynolds one liners. I’ll rent the DVD, anyway.