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Wonder Woman jumps on cars, changes boots


Well, after the puzzling script, ugly costume, and troubling statements by writer David E. Kelley — “I’m outta my depth! I don’t know what I’m doing!” — set photos of Wonder Woman have come out and Adrianne Palicki doesn’t look half bad.

Nice smile! Nice boots!

And her stunt double looks good jumping on cars.

The more car jumping and the less ice cream sleepovers we get for Wonder Woman, the happier we’ll be.

  1. So that she can karate chop anyone instantly?
    BECAUSE SHE’S WONDER WOMAN. And that’s how she rolls.

    Love the look, the switch to spandex makes it look very Alex Ross-ish

  2. Stunt double! Duh! When I saw that one photo, the third one, yesterday, I thought, “Wow, Adrianne Palacki looks TERRIBLE in this photo! She looks like a different person.” I do wonder why they’re releasing unflattering stills of a stunt double with goofy look on her face.

  3. I agree that this is a much better look. The belt still doesn’t look like a belt, but hey, it’s better.

    She does look like she’s going to bounce right out of that top, so I’m kind of wondering how long it’s going to take before “blooper reels” start showing up on YouTube.

  4. Karate Chop mode hands are typical for world class sprinters, also better to regain balance if you stumble and tuck as you go into a roll. But if she’s a real WW why not just leap thirty feet at a time ;)

  5. YES! These pants are not shiny PVC! Much, much better. To quote Wonderella, “How now loud trou?”

    Now, if only they can do something about the plot, we’re in business.

  6. Well, they plainly did a good job casting Adrianne Palicki. That is a big part of the battle with a TV Show. Costumes change. Writers and even producers come and go. However, an action-adventure show with the right lead actor can last forever.

  7. “I do wonder why they’re releasing unflattering stills of a stunt double with goofy look on her face.”

    From other articles I understand they did not, these are paparatzi shots from an on location shoot.

  8. Diana doesn’t fly in this incarnation, a la every Wonder Woman appearance for her first 25-30 years or so. And then for another 15 or so she only “glided on air currents”. She didn’t fly till the 1985 reboot.

  9. “Diana doesn’t fly in this incarnation, a la every Wonder Woman appearance for her first 25-30 years or so.”

    That’s okay. My heart itself flies simply by typing the magical name “Lynda Carter.”

  10. The squishy bouncing-bust shot in the first photo just makes me nervous.

    Though, overall, she looks much more solid and substantial than in the previously posted pic with the light blue pants and boots. I wonder if that one was airbrushed to give her that Real-Housewives-of-Beverly-Hills-thin look. And her smile is lovely.

    Still nervous about the bouncing bustier.

  11. At each release from the producers, I am reconsidering even attempting to watch the TV show. I think that the original outfits made more sense. I just think it’s filtering out the best parts of the costume and the character. She is an AMAZON PRINCESS at heart, not a club girl, or some random girl who is middle America. I think from the script to the casting, and now the costuming that I am going to pass. I like comics and collect WONDER WOMAN comics, and I just can’t fathom the idea that this is what has been done to her character. I watch and record a lot of movies with my DISH. This won’t be one of them.

  12. I guess I’m one of the few who actually likes what I’m seeing. The on-set video was cool to watch, too. Behind the scenes stuff is always interesting. I’m sure when the editing, music, CG and wire work are done it’ll be like any other TV superhero show. After all, TV is where heroines get to rule… since Hollywood claims they have an uphill battle on the silver screen.

  13. I liked the shiny pants, personally (and I’m not really sold on that weird strip of cloth sewn on with the stars, looks odd). But the boots are looking much better.

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