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Wolverton’s PLOP covers


Via Sam Henderson, a gallery of art by fabulist Basil Wolverton, from PLOP!

In case you are wondering what PLOP! was, it was a humor/satire magazine published by DC in the ’70s that was sort of a companion to MAD, even though it spun out of the horror line and included Cain and Abel as hosts. Other contributors included Wally Wood and Sergio Aragones. Unlikely but true!


  1. Ah… just go over the Grand Comics Database (comics.org) and peruse all the covers! Because what issues Wolverton didn’t cover, Wally Wood did.

    Hey, DC! At twenty-four issues, and an incredible roster of talent, this would make a great Showcase collection!

  2. Since when was PLOP a companion to MAD?DC hadn’t the rights to Mad at that time. Mad was seperate from DC even after its acquisition by Warner at the end of the 60s. It wasn’t until the 90s when Mad was forced to move from its offices in MADison Avenue and share offices with DC did DC eventually take over the publishing of the magazine.

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