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WMA signs Tokyopop



The William Morris Agency (WMA) has signed TOKYOPOP, the #1 publisher of manga graphic novels in North America and largest supplier of manga entertainment in the world. WMA will represent TOKYOPOP’s original intellectual property for film, television, digital, merchandising, and game development.

“WMA’s partnership with TOKYOPOP presents a fresh opportunity for our clients and TOKYOPOP to create new characters and ideas through the dynamic world of manga,” said WMA President Dave Wirtschafter. “Our agency’s resources coupled with the unique world of TOKYOPOP, allows for a global exchange between traditional content creators and manga, anime and beyond.”

“We are excited to join forces with WMA as we further develop the TOKYOPOP brand worldwide,” said Stu Levy, the company’s CEO and Chief Creative Officer. “This partnership takes us one step closer to realizing our dream of merging the leading edge of manga entertainment with Hollywood.”

With Levy at the helm and creative executive Noah Stern onboard, the newly-formed TOKYOPOP Pictures is off and running. Film projects in development include the company’s hit properties, Lament of the Lamb, a gut-wrenching horror story of a young man who shockingly discovers he may be the last in a bloodline of vampires, and The Ai-Land Chronicles, a groundbreaking blend of live action and animation based on the company’s successful manga franchise, Princess Ai.

Hailed by the New York Times as “the American pioneer of manga,” TOKYOPOP, the company responsible for igniting the worldwide manga boom, is proud to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in 2007. From the introduction of the first-ever extensive manga publishing program in North America, to the development of its manga-originated intellectual properties into film, television and digital entertainment, TOKYOPOP is recognized on all fronts as a trailblazer in the manga business and a true global pop culture brand.

  1. HA! I really need to blog about the whole “Duran Duran” thing, cuz this probably is not the best place to get into it!

    Suffice to say that it was a total coincidence, that WAS pointed out to me while I was drawing it, and that I embraced whole-heartedly!

    Hope you liked BOTB, in any case! :)

  2. I did, but my wife, who blogs under Miranda, did the review for it. And she was major Duran Duran fan and noticed that.

    We do the Prospero’s Manga review blog (www.prosperosmanga.com) along with other freelance writing/reporting, and your luck of the draw got her to do the review. I did the one for the CBG Xtra website. Let me know if you want the link for it.

  3. I guess we’re having our own private conversation here, Bill! I did read your wife’s review, but I did not see yours. I’d LOVE to get that link from you! Please follow the link to my blog & contact me!

    OTHER PEOPLE: Please feel free to ignore us and comment on the subject of Heidi’s actual post! :)

  4. As an aside, this will be an interesting pair-up. With Marvel producing their own stuff now, DC being captive to Warner and Viz simply not having the ability to make deals on Japanese properties, TP has a good position, and WMA has a wide enough stable to talent to package together properties (as in getting together IP, writer, director and actors) into a single package for studios.

    The downside the studios may be expecting something more comic-booky from them, for lack of a better term, shared superhero universes and all…

  5. If Tokyopop’s experience at WMA is anything like mine, this will be the last we hear of Tokyopop.

    Old joke:

    Why couldn’t they find Patty Hearst?
    She signed with Morris.

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