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Comic fan Wire Hon gets help around the house with action figures and forced perspective


Summer is just around the corner. It’s time again to pick up around the house get the garden in order and Malaysian toy collector Wire Hon has the right idea. He’s outsourcing those duties to Deadpool, the Hulk, Spider-Man — even Batman and Superman. If that unbelievable crossover sounds like a licensing issue waiting to happen, just check out the evidence.

Hulk, unhappy about the state of the lawn.

Deadpool, probably making a snide remark about watering plants.

And Spider-Man, snapping some shots for the Daily Bugle. J. Jonah Jameson might lose his marbles over these scandalous photos, but the truth is, they’re simpler than they look. Hon stages these unique photos using two simple tools: action figures and forced perspective. By setting up a camera with the figures in the foreground and actual humans in the far background, he’s able to make it appear as if they’re the same size. Take a look at his example below:

This photo shows the forced perspective setup: smart phone (lens close to the ground), action figures close-up and Hon himself far, far away. Hon predicts the angle he needs to look at so that, in the photo, it looks like he’s staring Batman in the face while ordering him to sweep. It’s impressive — and hilarious — what he achieves.
A few more of Hon’s photos are below, but he’s been busy with even more shoots. Over at his Instagram page, Hon practices his craft with homages to Avengers: Endgame, crossover battles between Spidey and Superman, a very hungry, very tiny Wolverine and much, much more.

All images by Wire Hon.


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