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WildStorm: The last lunch


It’s a week of changes for DC. The last remnants of those who are moving West have packed up shop, and the WildStorm offices in La Jolla are closing for good, ending nearly 20 years of history, innovation and comics.

To mark the event, an alumni lunch was held. Apparently the turnout was insane. The final group shot awaits, but above is a sampling, with Hank Kanalz, John Nee, and Carla and Jim Lee. Jim Lee tweeted:

The final WildStorm lunch. So many alumni came from near & far for our last meal together @Kanalz @johnnee @Joke2far

And a video of the gathering for the photo.

Bittersweet for many.

Any now the new, fully staffed DC Entertainment takes shape in Burbank. Meanwhile, the New York offices are under construction, consolidating from 5 floors to 2 or 3.

The balance has shifted.

  1. Wildstorm was 85% horrible, fan-service, backwards thinking comics, 5% best intentions; and 10% pretty good comics. I’m going to miss that 15%.

  2. I, for one, had a blast making 85% horrible comics like Promethea and Leave It to Chance. I also enjoyed making some of the best friends of my life. Everyone should be so lucky creating horrible comics.

  3. My last comment came off more cruel than I intended it to. Wildstorm never made comics for comic fans like myself, yet I still own more than a few. And not all of them were written by Alan Moore.

  4. You made some pretty damn good horrible comics, Jeromy!

    Wildstorm’s been the most supportive experience I’ve had doing comics, horrible or otherwise. Luckily I get to keep doing so, with many of the same people, just under a different logo.

    Hope the lunch was horribly great for all.

  5. Given Sturgeon’s Revelation, 15% is pretty damn good.

    WildStorm created the Absolute Editions. That, alone, is worthy of Hall of Fame status.

    Of the titles I read and enjoyed:
    Leave It To Chance (yes, it was mostly an Image title…) (Hey… whatever happened to that Robinson guy anyway?)
    Astro City
    Most of the Moore ABC titles.
    Ex Machina
    Welcome to Tranquility (Hey, DC, please add this to the New 52! A retirement community for superpowers! Gail Simone!)
    The Boys
    Gen 13 (especially issues #13)

  6. Yeah… Sorry about that, I am an asshole. Need to remember to stay off the internet after a night of bar hopping.
    I think I was trying to make a statement about how everybody says 99% of comics are crap, and Wildstorm had a much better average. Didn’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade.

    Top 10 is one of my all time favorite superhero comics.

  7. Goddard, glad to see you saw the error of your ways, as I knew you would. Shall I remove your post, or leave it as a warning?

  8. After leaving comics as a reader in ’92, Wildstorm brought me back after a chance encounter at Forbidden Planet in NYC in ’02.

    The Authority, Planetary and Promethea almost managed to completely erase my sour feelings towards comics from the dark days of the early 90’s.


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