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Who is the JLA’s mystery tumbler woman?


The DC reveals continue apace. Over the weekend, a beverage glass manufacturer Facebooked an image of their San Diego exclusive: a JLA tumbler that seems to reveal all 15 members of the nü JLA.

Identified thus far: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, Deadman, Atom, Element Woman, Firestorm, Green Arrow, Hawkman, and Mera. Element Woman is a new Jim Lee designed character from FLASHPOINT. However, the identity of the 15th character, a seemingly blonde woman on the right, remains a mystery.

She has been variously ID’d as Black Canary, Power Girl, Zealot, and more. However Geoff Johns has added to the fun with a tweet:

@TheFlashReborn That is not a blonde. (No one’s guessed the characters correctly yet.)

So the game remains afoot.

  1. “To be really frank, she reminds me of that character from Atari Force sans stripes on her face (white hair).”

    Dart was her name, and yeah no tatoos so I doubt it’s her (rights issues aside).

    Well if it’s Black Canary that would still meet the ‘not a blonde’ statement wouldn’t it?

  2. The original Black Canary wasn’t a blonde, right? she wore a wig. Nice stand-in for a mask.

    What about that French/British Lady (she was actually two people) from JLA Europe…

    tho the first character that came to mind for me was Tera.

    But, wait, wait… DEADMAN? Seriously?

    And if they wanted another woman, whatever happened to Zatanna? The great thing about the JLA is it’s all about icons. Zatanna has become the iconic Magician Superhero. She belongs in there.

    But… No Martian Manhunter? Not really the JLA. Lose Firestorm. Bring back J’onn J’onnzz.

  3. My two guess is that it’s Dream Girl (not blonde, beauty mark).

    GJ and JL both have expressed interest in writing and drawing Legion characters.

  4. “What about that French/British Lady (she was actually two people) from JLA Europe…”

    Crimson Fox, but she had a very distinctive cowl this lady does not.

    And well, no one cares about her.

    I’m sticking wtih Black Canary.

  5. Call me crazy but I’m sticking with Black Canary no matter what Geoff Johns says but I could also see it being…Chloe Sullivan, from “Smallville” considering Didio said most people are now familiar with “Smallville”‘s Green Arrow and would like to use parts of that GA’s history.

  6. i thought she was id’d as the monster hunter character from the frankenstein flashpoint series–Miranda Shrieve…wears a trenchcoat and cowl neck top like this woman…

    also: as the series is initially set in the past it doesnt mean all these characters survive to the present grouping

  7. I like Jim Lee and all, but I guess that doesn’t say much about the character design ability if you can look at a character and literally have no idea who it is. (She looks identical to all the other ladies in that image, doesn’t she?)

    I’m hoping it’s Martian Manhunter, shape-shifted. “Well, if no one likes me as a big green guy, maybe they’ll like me better if I look like an attractive human lady…”

  8. Tomorrow Woman would be cool. But she had dark hair, and her beauty mark was a different shape and in a different spot.

    So there’s no reason to think it’s her; I just think it’d be cool.

  9. “Jim Lee is not an artist you want on a book where the characters don’t all have masks.”

    It’s true. The fact that no one can distinguish who this is, or whether it’s even a character we know, is kind of bad.

  10. I thought Element Woman was just a revamped version of the old Element Girl character from Metamorpho’s 1960s comic — the one Neil Gaiman killed off in a beautiful and touching Sandman story.

  11. Okay, quick question: why the hell is Superman wearing body armor? It ertainly looks like body armor. Maybe that’s another Jim Lee edict: everyone needs to have a collar and everyone needs to wear some sort of body armor.


  12. “Okay, quick question: why the hell is Superman wearing body armor?”

    Because Jim Lee is a terrible, terrible designer.

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