Marvel’s playing a game again! My guesses:

a) Abe Vigoda
b) General Douglas MacArthur
c) Woodgod


  1. Who is the Iron Patriot?

    Obviously, it’s someone the liberal mainstream media is deliberately preventing you from learning the truth about, including his background as an elitist, celebrity, socialist, Marxist, communist, baby-eater, space alien who pals around with terrorists.

    Or…maybe he’s just the secret love child of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

  2. @Charles Skaggs- I agree with this “secret love child of Tony Stark and Steve Rogers”. Or at least, some kind of Skrull test-tube baby experiment using Tony and Steve’s DNA.

  3. It’s Christoph Von Doom.
    It’s Irving Forbush, declared 4-F by the Initiatiative.
    It’s Terrance Howard, enforcing his contract.
    It’s Ultron, coming to grips with his parentage.
    It’s Steel, hoping for a better paying gig.
    It’s that Stars and Stripes guy. Wait ’til you see his sidekick!

  4. In related news, DC has cryptic ads describing the upcoming appearances of SuperBat, The Green Flash, and SuperWonderGirl. No further details were available.

  5. Its none of the above. Marvel will continue this nonesense of giving false hope that there may be a way to bring back Steve Rogers until alot of us get tired of the whole drawn out affair and switch to reading the National Enquirer. When Secret Invasion #8 is over with they should have Rogers just jump out of a cake thats at the celebration party for earth once again surviving an alien attack and say to Stark “WOW! I cant believe we have been on to this since New Avengers #6. At least now I can come out of hiding and get my gear back from Barnes.”

  6. “Who is the Iron Patriot?”

    Who gives a shit.

    And as far as bringing back Steve Rogers, I can’t believe that Clint hasn’t taken Dr.Strange or Prof X or a bunch of Avengers up to Wundagore yet to shake Wanda out of her self-imposed psychological coma and have her resurrect Cap. I mean, c’mon – if the woman can alter the course of world history, wipe out 99% of the mutant population & bring Clint back from the dead TWICE, bringing back Steve Rogers is a piece o’ cake.

    Just imagine it: Another day goes by & Stark finishes up some paperwork, loosens his tie & gets ready to polish off a 14oz porterhouse – when he’s met at the door by all other original Avengers: Cap, Thor, Hawkeye, Quicksilver, etc – who all kick the crap out of his Republican sell-out ass.

    I’d GLADLY pay an over-inflated price to see that. Wouldn’t you? :)

  7. steve rogers. no matter how dumb it is, it must be him. Marvel would not ckill Cap like that. or they would, but it wont be the last of him. Come on. Only nazis can kill him for REAL