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WHITEOUT stills released


The first stills from WHITEOUT starring Kate Beckinsale in the film adaptation of the Greg Rucka/Steve Lieber graphic novel have been released.

The film is slated for a June 2008 release.


  1. Wow, Beckinsale is really becoming our new nerd Goddess, huh? Well, as much as I love her with pair of guns and heels-of-fury, I highly recommend everyone checks out her literary nerd early work, COLD COMFORT FARM.
    It’s so smart and funny.
    And, remember folks… in Hell there will be no butter.

  2. The parka’s not thick enough, and the fringe is the wrong color.
    Typical Hollywood, screwing around with what made the story so popular in the first place!
    This movie is gonna suck.

  3. “…and the fringe is the wrong color.”

    Seeings how the book is in black & white work of fiction, I am curious as to how you came to the conclusion that the fringe is the wrong color. ;)

  4. When i heard that Beckinsale was going to play this role, i thought, she’s too pretty. But wow, she’s so pretty, i can’t really complain.

    Are those green-screen backgrounds? They look greenscreeny to me. Am i just seeing things?

  5. Well, Mr. Lieber was clearly using the traditional coyote fur-lined hood as his reference, indicated in the illustrations by the predominance of lighter-colored fur accented by dark highlights at the fringe. The film has clearly gone for the more exotic and … oh hell, I don’t know. Gorilla?

    Actually, it’s probably for better contrast against Ms. Beckinsale’s alabaster skin ;-)
    I think we can all get behind that.

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