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OPOLIS: While you were in Rosemont…


We were in Queens at the Flux Factory for the closing night of “Opolis“. Curated by cartooner Jason Little, with Jean Barberis, and Morgan Meis, it’s his third exploration of comics taken to utter extremes of form and narrative, following Cartünnel and Comicx Ex Machina.

OPOLIS presents Comix-Fluxture-as-city. A street plan of Opolis, an imaginary city, has been laid out on the floor of the Flux main space. Individual city blocks have been claimed by individual artists. They have designed the buildings and environments that fill the city blocks (apartment buildings, libraries, factories, parks, junkyards, skyscrapers, bars, office buildings, theaters, etc), and have invented characters to populate these environments. The artists have created the work in such a way that as the viewer walks around the block, the buildings (or images in or on the buildings) function as comic strip panels that resolve into a story.

The results were stunningly imaginative and we couldn’t resist taking some photos:

A panoramic view.

Gregory Benton

Nicole Tucker

Damien Jay


And two from Andrea Dezsö

As part of the party, Brian and Leon Dewan performed a rooftop concert on the Dewantron at sunset. The results were spectacular.

  1. Jason Little took the photo. He know his business – he mentioned stuff like “fill-in flash”.

    But enought about ME — WHAT ABOUT THE CUTE LITTLE BUILDINGS!?!?!?

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