Spike Jonze, I never stopped believing in you.


  1. On the recent WALL-E DVD set, there’s a documentary about John Lassiter and his early work at Disney, which includes scenes from “Where The Wild Things Are”, of which Disney had the rights. The following link came up in Google, but I’m at work, and can’t review it.

  2. i dunno
    Jonze has a 100% track record with me, but did this really need to be translated into a two hour film?

  3. A “WTWTA” movie would really suck the life lout of this book. So much so that many copies would be burned in protest.

  4. Yes, I concur wholeheartedly that a “Wild Things” movie is most irresponsible and ill-conceived. Have we forgotten the protests which greeted the premiere of the “Wild Things” opera in Brussels? The sixteen injured during the Minneapolis riots? It is well-known that Sendak dislikes Hollywood and disdains any adaptation of his work, and has openly disowned any responsibility for this movie.

    (End snark. If you don’t like this version, try the Gene Deitch version. Yes, THAT Gene Deitch.)

  5. It looks better than the two direct to DVD sequels. If Neve Campbell and Denise Richards are back I’ll see this.

  6. On YouTube I saw a clip with similar scenes with a different (and really bad) child actor, which makes me wonder if the child was recast and parts of the film reshot. This film has a troubled history and has actually been in production for a LONG time. Some in Hollywood wondered if it would ever be released at all. I believe there’s an old news item about it on aintitcoolnews.

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