The Golden Age of Underoos via Jezebel. Note comments in which women go on and on about how they used to wear Wonder Woman Underoos. Do they even still make this kind of stuff for little girls any more?


  1. yup, they do (depending on how ‘little’ you need the girls to be) – I bought some from the 915 (for 9 to 15 yr olds) section at New Look (UK fashion chain) last year, the top part wasn’t very accurate and was just red with a picture of Wonder Woman on it, but the bottoms were just like the ones in the pic but with a yellow band on the top. They are awesome :)

  2. Underoos rocked. I had have Darth Vader and Spidy underoos. I could swear I saw new versions of underoos at Target last year but I could be wrong.

  3. We picked up a WW onesie (size 2T) for my daughter at a Six Flags Amusement park that had DC characters. Not exactly underoos, but it does the job. ;)

  4. I just recently found a pic of me at age 4 wearing that Spider-Man Underoos top; no clue whether I was wearing the bottoms. I do recall I also had Robin Underoos, which just translated so well I’m surprised they didn’t come with a domino mask.

  5. That’s an awesome pic, Jennifer! :)
    Wow, you really did have those ‘roos.

    Me, I think I only have a pic of me in a NY Mets cap.

  6. The 4 1/2-year old said today in the car, out of the blue:

    “There’s no store that makes girl underwear with Spiderman on them. Only boy underwear. It isn’t fair to me!” (crying) “I hate myself!”

    Will and Brian, we must fight for the Ideal World ™… and for JUSTICE!

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