It has come to my attention we now having dueling Kickstarter projects from highly placed employees at both Comixology and iVerse.

First off, you may have heard Chip Mosher spinning some PR for Comixology?  Possibly for BOOM! prior to that?  Chip’s fronting a Kickstarter project for his wife, Kim Krizan.  Kim’s better known in Hollywood circles as a writer on the films Before Sunset and Before Sunrise.  The project is a book called Original Sins: Trade Secrets of the Femme Fatale.  (Chip’s obviously playing right into her hand by fronting the project — classic femme fatale tactic.)

Then you’ve got Josh Elder, over at iVerse.  In a previous life, Elder wrote Mail Order Ninja for TOKYOPOP.  He’s managed to get the property freed up and is attempting to go home again with what he’s calling MAIL ORDER NINJA Returns!

You know somebody at Graphicly or Madefire is looking at this and planning a Kickstarter right now.



  1. Well you know the power of the crowd when content creators are being followed by same distribution outlets. The middlemen want some of that action…. And why not? I’d like to see all the indie publishers and distributors continue on in what is a very difficult business model. That’s why I bypassed the traditional distribution route to crowdsource and self-finance my own project, “The Locksmith.”

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