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As we continuously hyped, we were on a panel at the Royal Flush Festival on Saturday about blogging, along with celebrity news blogger Michael K. and film bloggers Brandon Harris and Brandon Kim . The panel was moderated by legendary punk cartoonist John Hölmstrom, which was cool in itself. We are always happy to compare notes with other smart people in our line of work, and the novelty of being on a blogging panel that wasn’t a COMICS blogging panel was really cool. Also, despite the bitchy nature of D-Listed, Michael K. is really nice in person like most other full-time bloggers we know, works scary long hours.

Probably the most novel thing about the panel was that since it included a gay man, an Asian man and an African-American man, nobody asked us “WHAT’S IT LIKE TO BE A WOMAN BLOGGER?” or anything similar.


Finally, we were checking out Holmstrom’s blog — which he HAND LETTERS (above) — and read that he got sick for TWO weeks from eating a catfish taco at San Loco, one of our regular dietary choices. So…eaters beware!

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  1. John’s continued existence should finally squelch the rumor that he was one of the Ramones.

    You’d have to be freaking bonkers to order fish from San Loco! I can’t remember a time I’ve been in there when I haven’t see a roach.