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What's up at: Sea Lion Books


How many Dabel brothers are there? While Les and Ernst are familiar from their various imprints at publishers around town, there’s also Pascal and David Dabel, and they have launched their own publishing house, called Sea Lion Press, which is set to publish YA books by well-known authors, including Paulo Coelho, Richelle Mead, and Richard A. Knaak. They’ll be at New York Comic-Con to promote a new series of comics based on Mead’s bestselling Dark Swan series, starting with STORM BORN, the story of freelance shaman Eugenie Markham who fights strange creatures from a place called the Otherworld. Mead is also the author of the best-seling Vampire Academy books, for those without access to a teen-age reader.

“Seeing your books come to life like this is one of the most amazing things that an author can experience.  I’m a huge fan of graphic novels, and Sea Lion has done an incredible job in creating the characters and scenes of the Dark Swan world,” added Richelle Mead. “The art is stunning and beautifully captures my vision.  Eugenie fans are going to love this, and new readers will too.”

STORM BORN is coming out in periodical form first in winter 2011, as an eight-issue miniseries.

Sea Lion has also announced a comics adaptation of PC Cast’s GODDESS OF THE ROSE, a retelling of the Beauty and the Beast myth, also for release in 2011. No creative teams have been announced, but Derik Ruiz is on board as EVP and Publisher.

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