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What looks fabulous in MAC's Wonder Woman makeup line


Superheroes meet fashion this week as it was announced that MAC Cosmetics will be introducing a line of limited edition Wonder Woman themed cosmetics next month. Given the proliferation of superheroes in pop culture, it was only a matter of time before they hit the makeup counter.

Wonder Woman has always known the importance of astounding accessories. For her collaboration with M∙A∙C, we’ve infused her sense and fantasy and wonder into a vivid collection of awe-inspiring accessories as fierce and feminine as the heroine herself. Bright, bold, superhuman designs in Makeup Bags – from radiant Red to Bulletproof Blue, Utility Belt Brush Sets, and exclusively online, the WW T-Shirt and Invincible Mirror. Shazam!

While we adore the key art by Mike Allred — available on a limited edition T-shirt — at least in photos, the product packaging looks a little…plastick-y. However, some of the other items are to die for!

LIPSTICK ($15.50)
• Marquise d’ – Sandy cream peach (Lustre)
• Russian Red – Intense bluish-red (Matte)
• Spitfire – Bright creamy magenta (Satin)
• Heroine – Brown bronze (Frost)

Russian Red is a MAC perennial favorite, but the others are a little lifeless for our tastes. These would go well with a smokey eye.

LIPGLASS ($19.50)
• Emancipation – Pale neutral pink Wonder Woman
• Wonder Woman – Bright red with soft pearl Athena’s Kiss
• Athena’s Kiss – Bright blue fuchsia Secret Identity
• Secret Identity – Mid-tone copper with soft pearl

Secret Identity is definitely for the bold, but Emancipation looks about right.

• Victorious – Purple
• Army of Amazons – Green
• Themyscira- Blue
• Black- Black

Non-black mascara definitely caters to the cosplay crowd.

• Rapidblack – True black

We like the idea of this product but would have a hard time pulling it out anywhere we wanted to be taken seriously.

• Obey Me – True red
• Spirit of Truth – Navy blue

This red nail polish looks like a real standout in any crowd.

• Defiance – Iridescent white pink (Veluxe pearl)
• Paradise Island – Soft warm pink (Satin)
• Star Studded – Mid-tone violet pink (Satin)
• Real Drama – Dark burgundy with pink pearl (Satin)

Now we’re talking — a tempting array of nice neutrals that can take you from day — a meeting at JLA headquarters — right into night — snapping the neck of crazed killers.

• Lady Justice – Bright silver with white pearl (Frost)
• Insurmountable – Dirty blue grey (Veluxe Pearl)
• Bold Babe – Deep metal blue with white pearl (Frost)
• Deep Truth – True dark blue (Frost)

A blue eye-shadow quad? For trustafarians only.

• Valiant – Light lime with yellow pearl (Frost)
• Spinning Transformation – Deep olive bronze with yellow pearl (Frost)
• Diana Undercover – Dark forest green (Satin)
• Manila Paper – Pale frost white gold (Veluxe Pearl)

Some rather nice earth-toned greens — these would look good on Kate Kane.

• Reflects Pearl – White glitter with a pearl sheen
• Reflects Bronze – Sparkling rich gold

Total ’90s nostalgia.

• Bright Fuchsia – Bright magenta
• Marine Ultra – Vivid marine blue

Double ditto.

• Mighty Aphrodite – Warm peach coral with gold pearl/Bright coral pink with gold pearl (Satin/Frost)
• Amazon Princess – Bright yellow pink/Deep blue pink with gold pearl (Satin)

Nothing too remarkable here.

• Pink Power – Peachy rose with pink shimmer/Soft rosy bronze/Soft shell pink with fine shimmer
• Golden Lariat – True coral with fine gold shimmer/Soft suntanned bronze/Soft gold with fine shimmer

These would go great in the utility belt as pick-me-ups when you don’t have time to do a complete makeup touch-up.

M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Red Makeup Bag  $30
M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Bulletproof Blue Makeup Bag  $30

Now we’re talking — we’ll take the one in blue, please.

M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Utility Belt Eye Brush Set $49.50
M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Utility Belt Face Brush Set $49.50

Perhaps the most overtly superhero-themed of the items, these can actually be worn as a belt. Just because you’re saving the world doesn’t mean you can’t have a flawless finish to your complexion.

M∙A∙C Wonder Woman Invincible Mirror $20

For those looking to buy a gift, you can’t go wrong with this.

M∙A∙C Wonder Woman T Small, Medium, Large $25

Over at Temptalia, many commenters feel the packaging looks cheap, but others defend it:

I can’t believe how many people are complaining about the packaging…it’s Wonder Woman…the packaging screams classic Wonder Woman. I love it…I don’t think it’s cheap looking at all, it looks like it should look:)

Our take: Don’t be surprised if you see The Beatdabbing on a few of these products at some show this year.

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  1. I really want that Obey Me nail polish. I love red nail polish anyway, and that looks to be a gorgeous color. At $14, that’s almost not insanely priced. The rest of it … well, I’m broke and I’m happy with the makeup I buy (and I’m pretty particular about it).

    I do like the aesthetic, though, overall.

  2. I’ve written and rewritten many many responses to the previous Wonder Woman post, and those bemoaning the “myth” of the treatment of women in some comic shops, but I keep deleting because I want to make sure my response is clear-headed.

    But I must make myself heard on this very srs bzns! Blue eye-shadow quad only for trustafarians?! UNTRUFAX! The people demand a recount!

  3. Everything about this is wonderful except for the artwork … which is well-drawn. We need to outlaw the photoshop filter that leads the public to believe comic book artwork = gigantic halftone dots.

  4. Ah… the Ben Day dots are a cliche, but the “Pow Bang” sound effects are not?

    The large dots and sound effects are a remnant from the Pop Art movement of the 1960s. It’s an easy way to take comics art and make it stylish.

    Okay… buying it now, to give to my 8yo niece in a few years. Or maybe her mother could use it…

  5. The Pow Bang sound effects are a cliche too … but I want to get rid of the Ben Day dots first. Comic books never looked THAT bad.

  6. The dots are supposed to clue in non-comics readers.

    Hey Ms. Beat; although generally I agree with your tastes, I must speak up in defense of the occasional use of colored mascara by women our age who are NOT cosplayers. My grey eyes benefit greatly from green mascara.

    & I love Wonder Woman so much that I wold totally whip out that marker-lookin’ eyeliner anywhere, anytime. Hell yeah. & bring ont hat Secret Identity. ;) Want to go to the MAC Store.

  7. Looks cool, but a bit expensive, I used a calculator to see how much it would be if you got one of every thing and it goes up to $323. hmmmm………

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