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What is the most iconic DC cover ever?


Comics Should Be Good is running a vote to see what is DC’s most iconic cover. Nominations are taking place now, but for our money, the one above will be very, very hard to beat.

But what do YOU think?

  1. Superman 14 (Superman and Eagle) comes in first with Master 27 (Capt. Marvel Jr. signing V is for victory in front of giant granite V) and National 26 (Uncle Sam rolling up his sleeves) ties for second.

  2. I always think of the Flash of Two Worlds cover, and it’s on there. But I used to be a Flash fan…I think they’ve got a good list going.

  3. I think the most iconic cover will have some recognition (possibly broad recognition) – at least in the “Hey, I remember seeing that!” sense – outside of comic book fans and readers. That’s going to narrow down the list considerably. I think the candidates are probably:

    • Action Comics #1
    • Superman #1
    • Watchmen #1

    I’m hard-pressed to come up with any others, even going through the master list linked to above. Maybe Dark Knight #1. Possibly Batman #1.

    It’s difficult to see the most iconic cover not being a Superman or Batman one, though. As icons for DC comics (and indeed superhero comics in general), they dwarf everyone else. (I’d say that only Spider-Man comes anywhere close.)

  4. I’m thinking Action #1, but as far as more modern nominations go, I’m wondering if the Crisis on Infinite Earths with Supes and dead Supergirl will make the cut.

  5. “NFL Superpro #7 didn’t make the list? That list is so lame.”

    A Marvel book making the DC list would have been impressive. :>

  6. It’s not well-known enough to be considered “iconic,” but I’ve always thought Klaus Janson’s cover for Detective Comics #567 is an incredible use of the iconography associated with Batman:


    But, yeah, that JLA #9 is awesome, isn’t it? Still, for Silver Age JLA covers, I might suggest that JLA #56 (http://www.comics.org/issue/21254/cover/4/?style=default ) might be more iconic, with its classic layout of characters rushing in from each side toward what promises to be a massive melee when they meet at the center.

  7. I’ll vote for Showcase #4, the introduction of the Barry Allen Flash and the official begining of the Silver Age. The design of that cover is quite different from any other DC comic up to that time.

  8. What Blackeye said: Superman breaking the chains. I just saw that big DC window display at Bloomingdales and sure enough, one of the images on the shirts is that cover.

  9. I like Justice League #21, which combines a total fanboy concept, has every major character, trumpets the arrival of smothering continuity foolishness and has Superman and Batman holding hands.

  10. Lot of good ones mentioned here. Action #1 is a great contender, but don’t rule out Crisis on Infinite Earths #7, the death of Supergirl. Also, Byrne’s Man of Steel #1, with the Superman logo under the suit. You want iconic – THAT’S iconic.

  11. Most iconic = most “paraphrased” = Action Comics #1 = Superman lifting car as people flee. Is he good or evil? Read the comic!

    Superman #1 with the frame has also been “quoted” frequently.

    The others mentioned are quite good (although Heidi’s is not in the running… first time I saw that one)

    There are many great covers… Catwoman removing the mirror which conceals a wall safe, Speedy doing speed, Green Arrow shattering the green lantern, Superman #400, Sandman #50, Superboy being rejected by the Legion, Supergirl’s first appearance (loses points because the rocket crumpled upon landing), Killing Joke, Superman’s tattered cape marking his death, Kingdom Come, All-Star Superman, the recent Batgirl #1…

    Mad #1 is also iconic. That cover of Batman and Robin swinging over Gotham is memorable.

    Modern Age = Watchmen #1 (most parodied) or Justice League [International] #1

    Then there are the goofballs… the ones kept locked up in the attic. Like Lois Lane (winner: the one where she becomes Black for a day), or 50s Batman, or Jimmy Olsen (my fave… Goodie Rickles), or anything with an ape on the cover (bonus points if it also has a motorcycle or fire), or…

  12. I like the cover of JLA #21 because it’s the beginning of all those great continuity epics. and because Superman and Batman are obviously paying no attention to any homosexual subtexts as they stare fixedly at Black Canary’s boobs (there’s a reason she’s in the center, guys).

  13. There’s lots of beauty’s out there but the most iconic for me is, was, and always will be George Perez’s New Teen Titans # 1 (1980).

  14. There was a cover of Superboy that had him falling to earth and that’s always stuck with my memory since I was four or five years old.

    But my stepfather tore it in half in front of me (amongst other like Amazing Spider-man & Tales of Suspense issues) to punish me for allowing my hamster to run up my bedroom drapes and chew holes in it.

    I can’t remember the issue number.

    But my DC favorite cover of all time is the Neal Adams issue of Batman with the Joker having him trapped in a playing card. I think it’s #251. The story was adapted as an episode in the animated series called the Laughing Fish.

    I had that issue when I was nine or ten years old and made sure that issue wasn’t torn up.



  15. Dudes,

    Iconic =! Favorite. Iconic = Defining, Legendary, Mythic, Instantly recognizable to pop culture.

    And that’s Action Comics #1.

    Heck, it’s the opening frame of Superman: The Movie!

    — Rob

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