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What if…Wolverine SANG?


Up until now, Hugh Jackman has been able to keep his love of musical theater and his love of slicing people with his claws separate, but don’t think those of us who share those twin loves haven’t fantasized about WOLVERINE: THE MUSICAL. Now, Erik Beck from Indy Mogul and Mark Douglas, from Barely Political, have made our dreams come true..sort of. If the SPIDER-MAN musical takes off, this one could really work, we think.

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  1. It used to be, as soon as a movie became a fad, MAD Magazine would do a musical (“The Ring and I”, “Keep on Trekkin'”). While MAD did a comicstrip musical many many years ago, I do not recall one on superheroes.

    Wolverine and Sabretooth singing “Anything You Can Do”… as they battle on stage.
    Cable’s torch song about Deadpool, “I’ve Grown Accustomed to Your Face”
    Warlock and Cypher sing “Let’s Get Together” in a show-stopping first-act closer.

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