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What I was doing in 1997


Once I was paid to review websites. In a magazine. And look what was cutting edge in 1997 in the pages of CMJ Monthly.

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DAMN! Warren Ellis is “the only writer with a web page”? How things change!

“Why American comics can ape Japanese manga without understanding what makes them work as stories.”

Some things never change!

“The SF series Transmetropolitan looks very cool.”

Had I but known…

As funny as this is, the next review — which I have no memory whatsoever of writing — is even better.

I wish we could still “Just ask Jerry.” It was all so simple then.

  1. Good god, what browser were you viewing that on back then? Mosaic?

    I remember your first homepage: you commented that everyone else had a web page and you “didn’t want to be no schmoe.”

  2. Warren: My first browser was ascii on a Kaypro! green text! When I got a Powerbook, I graduated to Netscape.

    Was that website on AOL, Geocities or…somewhere else. I just can’t remember! Oh well, it’s all gone to the great cache in the sky now.

  3. Those are great.

    When they first gave me web access at DC, in the mid-90s, I pulled up a page and thought, “This changes everything.” The second page took fifteen minutes to load, so I just went back to work. Sometimes revolutions grind slower than we hope.

  4. Kids.

    In 1997 I not only had a web page, I had my own web server. One that I used to publish online reviews of printed comics (including an upcoming Vampirella mini-series by Warren Ellis (which I complained should have been published in one volume instead of as a monthly serial… plus ça change…)). Oh, and if you click my name, you’ll see that my web site hasn’t vanished into the aether. :)

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