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What can you see in a Brightest Day?


DC has released a “mystery teaser” poster by Ivan Reis, Joe Prado, and Rod Reis which has lots of clues to upcoming DCU events that will anger fanboys and make people post on the internet. Click for a much larger version so you can play along at home. What this tells me is that even in a blackest night, a nice ass will always take center stage.

  1. The explanation for DC’s last similarly designed poster for Final Crisis seemed like it was written as a high school term paper.

  2. *click*click*click… nothing happening…

    I see a Diamond May code next to the signatures, in the fine print.

    No orange, yellow, blue, indigo lanterns.
    Who’s the black lantern `neath the rubble?
    Black Manta likes to watch…

  3. Kind of confused why human beings even bother living above ground in the DCU if a major city is destoryed every other week.

  4. Yes, yes, Anti Monitor. However, he was a part of Blackest Night and where he ended up is a question that was not answered in that series.

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