Marvel has just released a new video teaser which s reveals that YES….all of those event teasers we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks have been a lead in to the upcoming Secret Wars book, which will present champions from all of those various “event worlds” battling in a contest of champions on what looks like s strange planet, with each “event” making up its own country.

Married Spider-Man vs Zombie She-Hulk! Animated Gambit vs Old Man Logan! WHO WILL WIN? The series, to be written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Esad Ribic with covers by Alex Ross, will answer all these questions and more that we can barely even imagine.


I know some of you are saying ‘Who will care?” But I like how Marvel really rolled out the promotion on this, and ended with a MCU-style trailer to give this more promotional oomph than just your average mini comic event. Marvel’s film division is a trend setter; the comics should get some coverage as well.


  1. Worlds will live, worlds wilZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

    Let me when a company announces a year with no events, no gratuitous deaths, and actual uninterrrupted story arcs in it’s books. *That* will be a surprising announcement.

  2. Marvel hero vs Marvel hero again? The “All-New” fading away from over the Marvel logo is just about the most apropos statement for this. A retread event that’s retreading past stories announced via a trailer that strikes me as more of a trailer for an app or a card battle game, hell, maybe for Battlebooks than it does anything else.

  3. Hmm, are they basically saying all of these events happened in different universes or something? I can see taking Marvel Zombies and other “alternate reality” type events and putting them together. Very, very gimmicky, but I’m curious. I just read Original Sin, and boy, that was some horrible stuff. I guess they really, really want the Sam Jackson Nick Fury to replace the original, so they just tossed him out with an event that was so out of character, it staggers the mind. I’m surprised that wasn’t a “What if?” at the end.

  4. DC has had War World for ate sometime now and has used it in a similar a number of times including in one of the animated Batman seies where Jonah Hex and Batman battled a number of villians. War World also played a role in the second season of the animated Young Justice series.

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